2D3D about me

I am Louis Carlsson. I am living in Copenhagen, Denmark.

It was in 1999 I tried a stereoscopic 3D experiment described in a photo magazine. I was blown away by the result. The first question that popped up in my head was how to do the same without the stereo cameras, with a single 2D image ?

2D3D how-to material was hard to come by and the masters of the trade and era were so secretive. I was getting nowhere after weeks of research. One night however it all came to me while browsing through a 3D comic book. Looking through each filter in turn I realized the artist had left his scars wide open in the left images. A bit sloppy, but I was delighted to finally get a peak behind the magicians curtain. I soon understood what I had to do to become a 2D3D converter, and it was a lot of work in those days !

In 2001 I attended a 3D conference with a friend. A 3D TV salesman told us about the new depth map technology they used. Later my friend told me he could easily write a program that made stereo images with a depth map. Yeah right, dude… but he did. Instantly he was converting better and faster than me, and I surrendered to him, his program and the depth map technology.


By 2003 I was made aware that Photoshop has a filter that can displace an image with a depth map too. There was no information about the filter, no tutorials. Just an odd filter…


Fortunately I knew how my homemade software solved the puzzle, and I had plenty of depth maps for instant experiments. It was great to do everything in Photoshop, but it was still too much manual labor for my taste.

Shortly after I watched another friend make a batch process on some folders, controlled by an Action he recorded in Photoshop. I was speechless when I saw what it did, it was something like that I needed to handle the manual tasks of my 2D3D procedure. That got me thinking and it eventually evolved into the 2D3D concept you see before you today.

It has been my aim with these pages to share with you the methods of learning and producing 2D3D that I would have dreamed of in 1999, if I could have imagined it at the time. The 2D3D concept originates from my personal perception of Photoshop and 3D, I can only hope the introduction is clear and that the workflow is logic. Good luck to you.

I am on YouTube an Flickr as well, do visit me.




If you want to employ me, or if you have questions of a photographic nature please contact me by email : carlsson2d@yahoo.com