2D3D download

Download and extract the Carlsson2D3D folder to your C drive.


Latest version : 2016.03.11

The folder should look like this on your C drive when your are done…


You can not delete or rename this folder or any of its subfolder. Nor will the 2D3D concept work on other drives than C.

Start by making a copy of the Carlsson2D3D folder. After a project rename the Carlsson2D3D folder with a date for instance, then rename the copied folder to Carlsson2D3D, then copy it again. That way you always have a clean folder for a new project, while keeping a neat order to your previous work. And if you want to return to the workspace of a previous project as you left it, simply rename the dated folder to Carlsson2D3D.


To connect the Carlsson2D3D folder to Photoshop simply drag and drop the 3 .atn files from the atn-files folder into the Photoshop interface.


They pop up as new Action sets in your Actions Command box, and you are now ready to take on the 2D3D exercises.